Davids Tea Organic Cherry Cola Review

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I bought this tea because I love cherry cola, being from the US I used to have it all the time and it was one of my favorite cold beverages. Then I moved to Canada and found out that it’s banned here. My heart sunk to the lowest point possible, it may have even fallen out, I don’t know. But then I one day I found this tea on the David’s Tea website, could it be? It is! It’s cherry cola flavored tea! Of course, despite the bad reviews this has gotten, I bought it anyway because I needed my fix, plus I just had to know if it was possible for a tea to taste like soda. So, do you want to know what I think?!

Davids Tea Organic Cherry Cola Reviewed:

Davids Tea Organic Cherry Cola Review First off let me say that I have no idea why this tea got bashed so badly in so many of the reviews that I read. People complained on a chemical taste and some claimed it had a bad after taste. I know what is causing this, and I also knew before trying it that the taste would be there. It’s Stevia, a naturally sweet plant that is used as a sugar substitute. Usually what you find is the extract of the stevia plant, but this tea in fact has the leaves, so the flavor of the plant comes through. Honestly, I think that’s what gives it it’s soda like flavor. Stevia is a somewhat acquired taste for some, it takes a little getting used to. Knowing this from the start, I tried not to judge the tea based on that alone like most of the other people who have reviewed it.

I actually quite enjoy this tea, even with it’s stevia flavor. The stevia does add a bit of sweetness to the tea but it needs a little more to get the flavors going better. I use agave nectar instead because that’s just what I have on hand. The cherry flavor is very easy to pick out, and so is the cola flavor, it’s the tea part that’s hard to find. If you’re looking for a tea that doesn’t actually taste like tea, this is for you!

Davids Tea Organic Cherry Cola ReviewI read that this tea is great iced, and that the second steep is better than the first. I put this to the test. I actually like it best when it’s hot, it has the best cherry flavor when warm. When I iced it, the cola flavor becomes stronger and it gets a tad bitter, but not terribly so. The second steep was the exact same, maybe a little less cherry flavor but other than that it tasted the same. I love it!

Overall I give Davids Tea Organic Cherry Cola 4 out of 5 because the flavor is true to it’s name, it’s great both iced and hot and you can’t really get much more original than this. Great product. If you are interested I suggest you give it a try despite what you may have heard. I did and I will definitely be ordering more when I run out.

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