How To Make Your Own Raspberry Leaf Tea

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Chances are that if you made it to this page, you already know of all the talk about the raspberry leaf tea benefits during pregnancy, so I’m going to skip all of that stuff since you can already find that info basically everywhere else. Instead, I’m going to teach you how to make your own raspberry leaf tea at home, so you can avoid having to buy processed stuff from the store. In addition, I’ll also include places where you can buy raspberry leaf tea that is natural and free of added chemicals and unwanted substances.

Making your own homemade raspberry leaf tea is extremely simple to do and all you really need is access to a raspberry bush, and water. Once you have these two things, you can meet me at the next paragraph. One note though, it’s always best to make sure the leaves you’re going to use are free of pesticides, weed killer or any other harmful chemical that humans shouldn’t consume.Raspberry Leaf Tea

Now you’ve acquired a raspberry leaf source, all you need to do is pluck off a decent amount of nice looking ones. I’ve heard that younger leaves are better, but honestly it likely won’t affect the taste much at all. Once you’ve collected a decent amount of leaves, give them a quick rinse and dry them out. You can do this fairly easily by laying them to dry out in the sun for a few days, be sure they are as flat as possible and are only in a single layer. The best method to keep them from blowing away would be to put them in between some cheap frames, but just make sure they can breathe so that they dry out completely. If there is any moisture left after the drying process then they will mold in storage so be doubly sure they’re dry.

Once your leaves are all nice and dry and you’re ready to brew your first cup of red raspberry leaf tea(or pot, if you prefer), just take about a half ounce of the leaves per cup and pour boiling water over them, steep for 10 minutes or so and then enjoy. It’s best enjoyed straight, or with a little bit of sugar or honey. Remember, it’s not going to actually taste like raspberries because you didn’t add any of the fruit. The taste is actually similar to black tea, but of course there is no caffeine involved here.

Raspberry Leaf TeaIf this all sounds like too much work for you, or you just don’t have access to a raspberry bush, then I highly suggest these organic raspberry leaf tea bags that are available on Amazon. Some people also swear by these red raspberry leaf capsules instead of drinking the tea everyday, but I don’t know if they will have the same effects or not.

The health benefits of raspberry leaf tea are vast, even if you aren’t pregnant or even if you aren’t a woman! So even if this stuff doesn’t do what it claims to, it’s still beneficial to your body to give it the nutrients and vitamins that come along with this delicious tea. And now you know exactly how to make your own raspberry leaf tea at home, or where to buy it. Try it out and tell me how it works for you, the comments are always open here. =)

2 comments to How To Make Your Own Raspberry Leaf Tea

  • Isaac  says:

    Is there any difference in taking the raspberry leaves from the second year or fruiting canes or from the first year canes that don’t fruit until the following year?

    • admin  says:

      Hey Isaac,

      Thanks for the comment! As far as I know, it doesn’t matter what leaves you use, but I suppose some may have more/less of the beneficial nutrients than others. I would probably go for the younger leaves.

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