JusTea Kenyan Black Tea Review

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If you’ve been following this blog, then you already know about JusTea and the amazing things they’re doing for Kenyan tea farmers. But if you don’t already know, you should check out my first post about them, read up on their mission and then check out JusTea.com for even more info, and to order some tea!

Their new campaign launched on the 16th and the mission is to build a brand new processing plant so that the farmers can process their own tea, leaving them with more profits. Every dollar donated goes towards this awesome project and you get tea in return! So unlike other charity type projects, you can actually receive something for your money in addition to knowing you helped make a difference.

Today I’m reviewing their Kenyan Black Tea. This stuff is delicious. Flat out. I couldn’t wait to brew some of this up and every since I did I couldn’t wait to write this review for you guys. Fellow fans of flavorful, bold, robust black teas will share in this excitement with me. It smells much like any other black tea, fairly strong but not too much. While it steeps is when you mouth starts watering and you try hurrying it up by willing it to steep faster. JusTea Kenyan Black Tea

Lets talk about taste, though. The JusTea Kenyan Black Tea is full bodied and strong, but definitely not bitter. It’s also smooth as silk, which is nice. I steeped 1.5 teaspoons for 4 to 5 minutes, so go lighter if you don’t like your tea strong. I shared with some friends, one who isn’t a regular tea drinker, and one who mainly drinks only oolongs. Both said they prefer it with milk and sugar but I like it just as is, I added a tiny bit of sugar in my second cup but if you aren’t fan of sugar, you aren’t missing anything because this stuff has great flavor even with out adding anything.

I like to resteep my teas when I can, and this is the perfect black tea for that. I resteeped the same way I did the first time and got great results. The flavor and color are a little lighter but definitely not bland. I didn’t try for a third steep but I would have to guess that it would start to decline in taste pretty quickly.

I love this stuff and will be savoring it for as long as I can. I never want it to run out. But even if it does, at least I know I’ll be supporting a great cause when I buy my refills 😉 Again, I urge you to check out JusTea.com to find out more, and to help them fund their project. They have until October 18th to meet their goal and they’re already 24% of the way there!

If you’ve tried this tea, let me know what you thought about it in the comments below!

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